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Explainer Videos

What can they do for you?

Short & Engaging

Quick, captivating videos tailored for short attention spans

Clear Communication

Simplifies complex ideas, products, or services

Visual Appeal

Uses captivating animations for a memorable experience

Information Retention

A well-coordinated blend of visuals and audio enhances information retention, making the content more memorable

Versatile Applications

Ideal for product intros, educational content, marketing, and more

Shed some light on your message!
Pricing Structure

Get the perfect package for your project!

30 Seconds


Ideal for quick and concise messages.

Use Cases – Quick product highlights or teasers, Social Media advertisements or Elevator pitches during presentations.

60 Seconds

£650 £597

A versatile duration suitable for various purposes.

Use Cases – Introducing a new product or service, brief company overviews, social media marketing or explaining a single key concept.

90 Seconds

£975 £872

Offers a bit more depth without losing viewer interest.

Use Cases – Explaining a product’s features and benefits, providing an overview of a complex process or introducing a brand with a bit more detail.

Longer Form Content

Reserved for more detailed explanations and educational content.

In-depth product tutorials

Comprehensive educational content

Training videos for employees

Complex concepts requiring thorough explanation

2 Mins & Over

per minute

Project Info

Gather all project information and outline the target audience and video purpose


Here, we write a script for the project, assessing project goals, audience and delivery

Story Board

Our Storyboard Specialists reference key talking points found within the script

Voice Over

Next, a Voiceover Specialist narrates the script


Now, using our storyboard and the voice over, we illustrate scenes


Last, we assemble each component in order, package and deliver

Our Process

An animated explainer video is a short and engaging animation that effectively communicates complex ideas, products, or services in a concise and easy-to-understand manner.

We provide high-quality animated explainer videos tailored to your needs. Our team is committed to delivering work we’re proud of, ensuring your satisfaction. We offer scriptwriting paired with a voiceover to craft the perfect narrative for your video.

The timeline depends on factors such as video length, complexity, and additional services. On average one video can take 1-2 weeks, however, we do our best to deliver projects ASAP.

Feel free to visit our “Contact Us” page to send us a message. You can also book an appointment with one of our representatives for personalised assistance.

Our scriptwriting process involves collaboration with our experienced writers. We’ll work closely with you to understand your message and goals, ensuring the script aligns perfectly with your vision.

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